Overall physical and mental health is the top priority for most people who want to lead long and fulfilling lives. Your physical health plays a massive role in your quality of life and can also impact your mental health. It can also affect your financial well-being.

A health insurance plan offers financial protection in times of medical emergencies and plays a part in maintaining your overall health. Are you wondering how that’s possible? Here we will explain how you can use the wellness benefits provided under your health insurance plans to do just that.

Why Are Wellness Benefits Included In Medical Insurance Plans In India?

Most health insurance companies today provide wellness benefits under their policies to incentivise people to buy health insurance plans. In other words, policyholders get rewarded for leading healthier lifestyles. So people are more likely to adopt better lifestyles to improve and maintain their overall health.

According to the guidelines under the Insurance Regulatory and Developmental Authority of India (IRDAI), insurance companies are encouraged to offer preventative health and wellness benefits under their policies. Therefore, insurance companies usually offer these benefits as optional add-ons or as built-in covers.

Some of the best health insurance plans offer wellness benefits under their features, so they provide coverage for medical emergencies and reward their policyholders for their excellent lifestyle habits.

What Are The Most Common Types of Health Insurance Plans?

Here are some of the most common types of health insurance plans you will come across that can include wellness benefits under their packages as well.

  • Individual Plans: As the name suggests, this plan is meant to cover a single person. According to the policyholder’s preference, it can be fully customised to suit their needs and coverage by using suitable add-on covers.
  • Family Floater Plan: This plan is meant to provide coverage for the whole family’s medical expenses. The policyholder can also add additional members under this plan in the future or remove members from the plan to adjust who is covered under this plan.
  • Senior Citizen Plans: This plan is meant for senior citizens and deals with providing coverage for medical expenses and treatments that come with ageing. The coverage provided for senior citizen plans will generally be higher as they are more likely to fall ill, and consequently, the premiums for these plans will also be higher.

Common Wellness Benefits Offered Under Medical Insurance In India

Generally, wellness benefits are available in the form of points to policyholders. The insurance company rewards the policyholder with these points for staying fit or leading a healthy lifestyle. The policyholder can then redeem these points and use them to get a discount on renewals, pharmacy bills, hospital fees, etc.

These benefits can be included under any type of health insurance plan, like family floater plans, individual health insurance plans, etc. The insurance provider specifies the health markers that qualify policyholders for these points. Then, they use digital devices to track the policyholder’s health and progress. These points are awarded at least once a year or at regular intervals.

Here are the wellness benefits offered by health insurance providers in India:

  • Preventive Health Checkups

Most health insurance plans will provide access to preventative health checkups as a part of their wellness benefits. Preventative health checkups can benefit policyholders by allowing them to monitor their health status.

It can also alert them to the development of any disease or illnesses in their early stages. This makes them easier and less expensive to treat, saving them money in the long run.

As a policyholder, you can get preventative check-ups at any network hospital listed under your plan. These checkups will either be free or available at a discounted price.

  • Second Medical Opinion

Some health insurance plans offer this as a wellness benefit so that policyholders can opt for a second opinion on their health condition. A second medical opinion is crucial for diagnosing diseases and conditions that are less common.

The main benefit here is that you do not have to pay the consultation fee, as your insurance provider takes care of it.

  • Discount On Healthcare Services

As stated, you can use your wellness points to avail several discounts on health-related expenses. This can include consultations, treatment, tests, medication, etc. These discounts can be utilised at a network hospital or a service provider of your insurance company.

You can sometimes get redeemable vouchers to buy healthcare supplements and other health-related paraphernalia.

  • Personal Wellness Coach And Health Maintenance Services

Many health insurance policies offer personal wellness coaches or access to health maintenance services like gyms, sports clubs, yoga centres, etc., at a discounted price.

A personal wellness coach will act as a mentor or guide to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle and sometimes provide personalised courses to help you achieve better overall health. They set realistic targets and health benchmarks for you to hit, and upon success, you are rewarded with wellness points.

  1. Discounts On Renewal

Your wellness points can be used to reduce the renewal amount of your health insurance policy. In addition, if the wellness benefit is available as an add-on cover, you can use your points to get a discount on renewal.

Some policies have a fixed limit up to which you can get a discount, while others can save 100% on your premium if you rack up a certain number of points.


Wellness benefits are a great way to incentivise people to lead healthier lifestyles. This way, they can save more money as they are less likely to develop conditions from hectic or high-stress lifestyles.

So the next time you purchase a health insurance plan, check the wellness benefits offered under it. Plans from Tata AIG are an excellent place to start for their health insurance plans benefits and affordability.